Wakeful Flow State Exercise #1 – The Tao Day

Every thought, activity and mind set presented on this site are expected to be tested to be True by the reader and not taken at face value, there is no dogma. The wisdom found in this exercise is experiential and enlightens oneself on the True nature of self, and the world.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Read Lao Tzu’s – Tao Te Ching

A day free from any obligations

A basic sense of intuition, compassion and bravery

The Tao Day

What is The Tao Day? The Tao Day is a day where you wake up and you follow the Tao of course 🙂 To do this correctly however, you must first set aside a day solely for this purpose. Ideally one without any obligations, although a day with minor obligations should work out just as well. It is also recommend that for this day you do not start your morning with any types of stimulants such as coffee or tea unless your intuition incists.

The Exercise: From the second you wake up, until the moment you go to bed the goal for your Tao Day is to follow your intuition where ever it takes you. Don’t let this seemingly simple sounding task fool you though. You will find that your intuition will ask you to not only perform the familiar, but to also dig deep and get you way outside of your comfort zone. You will be challenged to see just how much you trust yourself and rewarded in ways that only a child playing on summer break seems to know inherently.

The Wakeful Flow State

The world is full of problems and they are all solvable.

What is the Wakeful Flow State?  It’s a place where concepts, beliefs and ideas are explored without limits, that is unless they add to the depth of the topics discussed.  So much of our world has become mired in lies, control and denial that we have lost focus.  What is that focus, the focus on solutions that grow the world and empower individuals to develop to their highest potential.